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If you want to get video training, you can view, listen to and copy for your own oil paintingsIf you want to paint in the traditional way and want to re-learn oil painting starting from the beginning, and do it completely, yet simply, than this will interest you.

I am releasing my newest training program called Oil Painting Formula

This is a multi DVD set that will cover every step of oil painting from choosing, preparing and using your materials through the entire painting process.

In essence, it breaks down all the steps into a formula for you to follow.

However, something important to take note of is that even though I use the word formula in the title of this training program, this is not going to be mathematical, or scientific and boring.

After all painting and creating are fun. But, you will have a definite system to follow for every step of the way. And, demonstrated to you in full detail.

This is different than my previous written instruction like my Insiders Guide Home Study Course

Those manuals and video tutorials are great, and they have helped thousands of people, but this new training goes beyond teaching that I could ever put into written manuals.

This training course is mostly video and will be a multiple DVD collection.

Through this course, you will learn all the formulas you will need to make your oil paintings with the focus being on portraits and people.

If you prefer to paint landscapes, you may not want this training, however if you are a creative thinking person, it is very easy to simply adapt the formulas for your preferred subject matter.

Here Is What It Will Do For You

Oil Painting Formula Materials

1) Preparing your canvas

You will learn every step of preparing raw canvas. You will also learn how to use already pre-stretched canvas, but you will see deomstrations of a few simple things to do to the canvas so you can get the surface quality of the old masters.

2) Your palette

You will see how to properly prepare a palette as far as preparing it to paint with. You will see how I use my palettes

3) Colors

You will get the ultimate training in your colors from choosing your paint and color to learning how to make your own paint (much easier than you think). You will learn what colors you need, how to use them to mix any color you want and where in your paintings those colors will be used.

This is like a course by itself.

4) Mediums

Need I discuss how important and confusing a topic this is

Youll watch me discuss all the major components that can be added to your mixed painting medium. Youll see how I demonstrate how different mediums will have different effects on your paint.

Youll learn a great exercise of creating your own reference canvas that you can always use to determine what medium to use.

5) Brushes / painting knifes

Ill go over brushes, which ones you need, which ones I use and why how to choose yours, use em, and clean em.

Oil Painting Formula – Process

1) Placement

I will go over the very simple ways to get your placements the way you want them

2) Drawing

You will see a few different types of drawings that can be used, yet they are all part of the drawing stage of the oil painting formula

3) Underpainting

You will see various ways of making your underpainting. There is not just 1 way. Learn variations, all in a step by step manner but all part of the Underpainting stage of the oil painting formula

4) Veiling, glazes, halfpastes

This is where the color really begins to take off. Many people have such a hard time with this part. They get an underpainting done, but dont know what comes next.

How do you add your colors or overlayers over your dried underpainting Now, you will see it demonstrated for you.

5) Accents and more solid painting

This is where it can get really fun and your style comes out. This stage of the oil painting formula really starts making all the work you have done up to this point, all the layers play their own role in the painting.

6) Learn how to reapeat the last 3 stages over and over again if you like

Ever heard about the layers and layers of glazes and veilings the old masters used

This is all about that. How you can work on your painting over and over again

7) Learn when to paint those little parts of your paintings that people tend to look at first.

8) Final glazes

Sometimes you have to do some final glazes to parts of your painting to get it just the way you want it. Rembrandt used to do this a lot. Youll see that demonstrated here.

Just So you Know…

You will learn all the formulas mentioned above in a way that makes everything easy to understand and fun as well.

You will see a few complete paintings that use slight variations of the overall formula. This will tie the “process” together.

You will want to refer to this training program over and over again.

I hope you have seen samples of my teaching style in the free videos you probably have watched.

Let me just say that using the formulas of the old masters does not mean that you have to paint, dark, old paintings of subject matter you cant relate to.

You are just learning the process, the system, the formula.

Take these formulas and put them to work for you with your own paintings, in your own style.<

Below are the video files in the product. based on 2 DVDs

  • Introduction to Canvas (size 19Mb)
  • Rabbitskin applying liquid glue (size 375Mb)
  • Rabbitskin glue applying jellied glue (size 35Mb)
  • Rabbitskin glue part 1 (size 5Mb)
  • Brushes (size 38Mb)
  • Cleaning brushes (size 11Mb)
  • Color mixing exercise (size 77Mb)
  • Colors (size 24Mb)
  • Making paint (size 89Mb)
  • Applying acrylic gesso (size 69Mb)
  • Applying an oil ground (size 84Mb)
  • Applying an oil ground 2nd layer (size 17Mb)
  • Mediums (size 73Mb)
  • My paint box (size 20Mb)
  • Palette (size 16Mb)
  • Prepare a Pre stretched Canvas (size 31Mb)
  • Introduction to values (size 9Mb)
  • Painting Tone Values 1 (size 50Mb)
  • Painting Tone Values 2 (size 6Mb)
  • Transfer a photograph to canvas (size 21Mb)
  • Procedure acrylic underpainting (size 168Mb)
  • Procedure Oil Underpainting Demo (size 156Mb)
  • Accents and Solid Painting (size 198Mb)
  • Demostration Veilings (size 120Mb)
  • Adding Color Veilings (size 108Mb)
  • Solid Painting and Accents Part1 (size 123Mb)
  • Solid Painting and Accents Part2 (size 98Mb)
  • UnderPainting Layer 2 (size 180Mb)

How Much Is it

I dont know of any training like this, anywhere. It is what I always thought an oil painting class should be like.

The price is $197, For value that is at least $500-$1000. I hope youll agree it is a bargain for the amount of material you will get and for what you will learn.

2 DVD’s – Around 10 Hours Of Instruction…

It comes with a guarantee. You can return it within 60 days if you are unhappy with the training program and your money will be refunded.

Common Questions

Note: If You Are Not In The United States

I ship to all countries, so do not worry, you can get this training program too.

When Will It Ship To You

Your copy leaves my fulfillment house in about 5 business days

How Long Is The Program

I haven’t timed it, but I would figure around 10 – 12 hours total,

What Subjects Will Be Painted

This training program will focus on people and portraits. If you like landscapes, you could adapt the formulas and steps to paint your subject matter.

I look forward to helping you reach your oil painting goals.

Important Note: This is a very limited special so if you want to get your copy, do not hesitate.

They will leave my fulfillment house within 3-5 business days after your order is placed.